Lost 3BTC to scammers

So. On Wednesday, I set up an offer in Mycelium app to sell 3 BTC. This guy got back to me, asking for my Telegram ID. After a little chat we decided to meet up in Rotterdam, the meeting point we agreed on was Marriot Hotel.

3 guys showed up, one of them was aged around 25, had a Belgian phone number, claimed to have a business in Belgium etc. Other two were 45+, looked like Romanian to me. They spoke French to each other. We had a little chat, youngster started telling how long he’s been trying to convince his uncles to invest in Bitcoin, to me they sounded like Bitcoin rookies. After a while the uncles offered me to go to the bathroom with them to count the money, my friend stayed outside with the youngster. As we got inside the bathroom, I checked the notes for different security features, everything was good and I handed the stack back to him to put it in the envelope for me. Big mistake.

While walking back outside, one of them told me to stay between them, as to leave an impresson they are afraid of me running away with the money. Fair enough. That injected me with confidence about the whole deal, made me feel I’m holding something precious. As we got back outside, I told my friend everything was ok. We transfered the coins. Then, after a couple of confirmations, the uncles invited my friend to the hotel lobby to discuss “future business opportunities”. Probably done to prevent us from discussing the matter and distract us. I stayed outside to talk to youngster about life in The Netherlands, parties, etc. Then after few minutes we said goodbye. Got back to the bar across the street, walked in the bathroom to put the money away. Needless to say, the envelope was filled with fakes. Game over.

Guys, please keep your eyes opened. Trust no one. All they need is a fraction of a second to abuse your trust. Double-check everything. Good luck! <3

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