How I lost 95 Bitcoin

I bought my first few Bitcoins in 2012; eventually I got around 100 and managed to hold most of them until this point. Yesterday they were stolen from me. Shortly after I made a transaction, I left my PC with Electrum open, I believe there was a key logger waiting for me to type my password as when I returned an hour later, I saw my account had been emptied.

This happened shortly after receiving my hardware wallet (ledger), which I never got round to filling up. Obviously storing £350k(that hurts to type) on my daily computer was a moronic thing to do.

See the transaction here: 220caec53bac39cc1a2d2692eecd385bca796fc1a839254ddd622b911344ae97

The Bitcoins were then split and are currently residing at these two addresses: r18JCmLzKQoZydXspc6CPwovWVwYtUT7DCx 18ZnbD5JQwdEJRwKrb34nXPu7J6pHN1CMR

I know I wont get these Bitcoins back but if anyone knows of a blockchain or malware analysis service or just want to give me advice, I would appreciate it.


This is 56kbkid and I lost all my bitcoins on the 8th of October 2017


1NndjYLXPgHmSFYEk5exCabGbcynzqpii4 G5UFrkVd1qGcbVlIyUw0yh0Zls/82K7Liuer6UNUK7yiE/I//7f4clNI70sD/w21vh0HJBkPUj3vvfioxIfj5U0=


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Please help, Coinbase lost my $200,000 transfer on 5/30

Throwaway for obvious reasons. Please help me get my $ 200,000 back. I've opened a support ticket, I've emailed, I've PMed the official Coinbase reddit accounts, and I tried Twitter DMs. If anyone from Coinbase is reading this, Case ID: 1653972.

I did an overnight transfer of $ 200,000 to Coinbase on 5/30. The amount was never credited to my account so I opened a support ticket. They got back to me two weeks after the transfer, on 6/12. It turns out my bank (BoA) did the transfer as an overnight ACH, which Coinbase does not support. The 'specialist' assigned to my ticket told me that my bank needed to recall the ACH transfer.

I immediately called the BoA Commercial Banking team (we all talk shit about the banking system, but at least they have phone lines…) and asked them to recall the ACH. BoA told me that the governing body for ACH transfers prevents recalls if more than 1 week has passed since the transfer. They confirmed that the money was successfully transferred to Coinbase's bank account and gave me a trace ID so that Coinbase would be able to confirm the transfer. I sent the info over to Coinbase support and never heard back.

Now here I am, 4 weeks later, still waiting for Coinbase to get their shit together. I understand that their support team must be swamped with requests right now, but this is ridiculous. What kind of organization 'loses' $ 200,000 in their bank account and doesn't sort it out within 1 month?

Regarding Coinbase not supporting overnight ACH transfers:

  • Is this in Coinbase's documentation anywhere? Nope.

  • Do they accept other types of ACH transfers? Yup.

  • Is there a good reason to not support overnight transfers? As far as BoA can tell me, no. No there is not.

Edit: For everyone wondering why I'm posting on reddit instead of lawyering up, it's because fixing my problem will only take a Coinbase employee 5 minutes. I'm asking reddit for help not because I think reddit will solve the problem for me, but because I hope a Coinbase employee sees this post. I will definitely contact a lawyer if this isn't resolved soon. Thanks for all your support.

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