How to handle lottery function in Bitcoin if some parties leave the protocol?

Consider there are $ n$ parties $ P_1,\cdots,P_n$ having their identities as $ id=1,\cdots,n$ . They wish to calculate $ f(s_1,\cdots,s_n)=(s_1+\cdots+s_n) \bmod n$ , where $ s_i$ are individual parties secret. Parties are using Bitcoin to execute the protocol.

Now, I want to handle the function $ f$ if some of them leave the protocol. Suppose $ P_3$ and $ P_4$ said in the beginning that they might exit the lottery in mid-way. Their final decision of leaving/continuing will be known in the real-time in mid of execution of the protocol. If both of them leaves the protocol then $ s_3$ and $ s_4$ should not be included in computing $ f$ , and the winner should not be among $ P_3$ and $ P_4$ . But if either of them continues the protocol then their input should be included in computing $ f$ .

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Have there been a Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency related lottery app or website that was successful?

Doing some research on decentralized gambling and we all know about the dice sites, but has there been any lottery applications or websites that take in users funds and then redistribute them back out if they guess the numbers correctly whereby winning other users money?

  • If so, how big did the jackpots get in this scenario?

  • What are the regulations behind running a public lottery in Bitcoin/altcoin?

  • Which one is the longest running lottery bitcoin site thus far?

  • Have there been solutions to create a decentralized lottery system where the middle man is not needed?

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KIBO to Provide Integrated Lottery Games Built on Ethereum Smart Contracts

Lottery players worldwide will soon be able to compete for winnings in games that operate transparently over the Internet and receive payment immediately in cryptocurrency. Players will have access to full information on draws, wins and other transactions within the system. The system provides transparency of all processes, which indicates it offers fair play. Kibo Partners […]

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