PSA: please don’t give your local supermarket guy shit if the bitcoin ATM machine is slow/unresponsive

As a corner store clerk, please understand that we don’t own the bitcoin ATM machines, and we’re simply getting paid to let the companies rent out our spot. There is contact info on these machines for a reason. If you are ever in doubt about your transaction, please use the info that is available to you, your corner store guy can’t help you because he has nothing to do with it, and if you’re ever skeptical, don’t put $ 1000 in one shot into the machine. Where i am (Canada) the government can’t help you if anything goes wrong with your bitcoin account. I’ve had people yell at me, threaten me and kick the ATM machine before. I imagine most of this aggression comes from people who are working with dirty money, but I figure I put this message out there.

Thank you

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