After 4y I made 12x on my Bitcoin investment and finally reached $1M yesterday. I owe it mostly to this subreddit. AMA

Obvious throw-away account. I've been lurking here since 2013 and started buying my first two coins during the 200 USD bubble. After the subsequent crash I thought "this is bullshit" and forgot about btc until the next 1K bubble. I started to buy more and soon was deeply in the negative. There were two factors that kept me from selling my coins through the following hard 2 years and actually accumulating my position. 1. I started investing in shares and funds at the peak of the stock market in 2007 and made huge paper losses. I needed a lot of patience to hold through the next 7 years to get back to my entry point and eventually even make a little profit. I tried only a few times to trade stocks but soon realized that my fear and greed was not helpful in trading so i just held my positions. The same strategy I thus applied to Bitcoin because it had worked before. 2. Bitcoin is something completely new and whether buying it would ultimately result in a profit can not, as with shares, be inferred from past experience. Although understanding the concept of bitcoin by reading the satoshi paper, it was mostly the conviction and argumentation of the hardcore nerds here(and lots of very smart people in this subreddit) that made me believe in btc. Without them I would never have invested so much and held through the numerous nerve-wracking dips. Therefore I want to thank all you crazy beautiful people in here …cheers !! AMA

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