Newsflash: Tesla Just Bought a Battery Maker for $218 Million in All-Stock Deal

Tesla Inc. announced one of its rare acquisitions Monday, of ultracapacitor company, Maxwell Technologies Inc., in order to bolster the Silicon Valley automaker’s battery technology as it ramps up production of the Tesla Model 3 sedan. The heavily indebted electric car company, whose CFO stepped down just four days ago, is making the acquisition in an all-stock deal. That should save Telsa’s cash for its other obligations in the near term, just as the company posted lack luster earnings that failed to meet expectations. Of the deal, Chicago-based Almington Capital quipped: What's another $ 40 million in net losses between friends?

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Elon Musk under Fire: Why GM Could Pass Tesla as Most Valuable US Car Maker

Billionaire Elon Musk must be feeling the heat now that General Motors appears on track to surpass Tesla to become the most valuable US car maker for 2019. Tesla’s stock price plunged more than 12% Friday (Jan. 18) on heavy trading volume — suggesting a sell-off is in the making. As of this writing, TSLA shares

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satoshi labs (maker of trezor wallet) controls 5% of the lightning network capacity. Hail to the king!

Get a trezor and control your keys, so you will be ready when lightning use is widespread and bitcoin's value has gone up by another order of magnitude.

Satoshi labs is killing it. Control of private keys is the backbone of bitcon's value proposition, and they and other hardware wallet manufacturer's make it easy. But trezor was first and best, so hail to the king!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Nasdaq wants to boot iced tea maker for taking advantage of bitcoin craze

Nasdaq wants to boot an iced tea maker off its exchange for allegedly trying to fool investors caught up in the cryptocurrency mania. Last year's rebranding of Long Island Iced Tea into Long Blockchain symbolized the moment that the bitcoin movement went from a boom to a craze. The bizarre makeover …
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Bitcoin Wallet Maker Ledger Raises $75 Million for Security Push

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, and with its growing importance there's been a wave of dedicated hedge funds and established players planning on setting up trading desks for digital currencies. Still, some security issues need to be sorted out, and volatility is a concern — bitcoin tumbled below …
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