Chatting to a taxi driver last night who tells me he has to pay £120 per week to be able to take card payments in his taxi. We then had to spend a couple of minutes manually typing the numbers into the machine. If only there were a quicker means of payment with lower costs of transacting 🤔

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Manually checking for credited bitcoins

If I have the bitcoin address, the private key and a transaction ID from Bitcoin (regtest mode) in shell variables, what Python code do I need to run to claim the Bitcoins are indeed intended for this private key?

I have been following this excellent article – Bitcoins the hard way : Using the raw Bitcoin protocol. I hope to replicate this with Bitcoin in regtest mode as part of a larger design.

To begin with, I had to ensure that the code mentioned in the article (available here) can generate Bitcoin address with m or n as the prefix and uses 111 as the network ID. See here. I made the following code changes to generate addresses for regtest mode:


def pubKeyToAddr(s): ripemd160 ='ripemd160') ripemd160.update(hashlib.sha256(s.decode('hex')).digest()) return utils.base58CheckEncode(111, ripemd160.digest())


def base58CheckEncode(version, payload): s = chr(version) + payload checksum = hashlib.sha256(hashlib.sha256(s).digest()).digest()[0:4] result = s + checksum leadingZeros = countLeadingChars(result, '') return 'm' * leadingZeros + base58encode(base256decode(result))

Then, with bitcoin-qt, I transferred some BTC to an address generated from above. The transfer goes through and is confirmed when a new block is created.

However, I am unable to see the amount credited to this new address with the getreceivedbyaddress command. I am running this command in the Debug Window console (for some reason, bitcoin-cli wouldn’t connect even after configuring bitcoind). I think, the reason could be the fact that, the private key and the bitcoin address was generated elsewhere from command line rather than the default --data-dir location that bitcoin-qt used when it was launched. I understand this.

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Does MultiBit Classic assign a password or is it manually set?

I have a MultiBit Classic wallet that I have had since 08/2014 and for the life of me I can not remember the password, I honestly don’t even remember putting a password on it at the time.
My question is, would MultiBit assign a password automatically once bitcoins have been deposited into it?
I am stuck and I have tried every password that I could think of that I may have used.
Any help greatly appreciated

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