Leading Japanese ATM Manufacturer Oki Gets into Bitcoin ATM Business (news.bitcoin.com)

As the number of merchants accepting bitcoin in Japan grows, companies are incorporating the digital currency into their business models in different ways. Japan’s leading printer, info-telecom and ATM manufacturer, Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd, has entered into the Bitcoin ATM business. Their first line of Bitcoin ATMs is launching this month.
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Bitcoin Mining Manufacturer Canaan Acquires Proof of Existence (news.bitcoin.com)

The first document timestamping service for the Bitcoin blockchain, Proof of Existence, has been acquired by Bitcoin ASIC mining hardware manufacturer Canaan. The company has also retained the founder of Proof of Existence, Manuel Aráoz, as an advisor on future product development.
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Blockchain Allows Sneaker Manufacturer To Prevent Counterfeiting

A sneaker manufacturer has used blockchain technology to create smart tags that can track their sneakers to the factory, so they are impossible to counterfeit, according to fastcodedesign.com. The manufacturer, Greats, tapped the services of a software authentication system and a 3-D printer to design the smart tags. The tags include an NFC chip that can […]

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