Market crashes being caused by Mt Gox trustee is possibly the most bullish news we’ve ever encountered

The fact that the market absorbed the dump at 6k USD shows there's enough bulls out there to withstand almost anything. This news could be the start of a huge, huge bull run with potential implications of mass adoption

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

New Player Asrock Said to Enter the GPU Mining Market (

Another major hardware producer may venture into the GPU market very soon. Motherboard manufacturer Asrock is reportedly going to offer new products for cryptocurrency mining in April. Currently, the company enjoys strong demand from crypto miners for its motherboards. Mining equipment shipments boosted its sales in 2017.
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It’s liberating when you realize that no one actually has a clue what they’re talking about regarding this market.

I got into crypto almost a year ago. It's been an incredible experience learning about Bitcoin, blockchain, and other cryptos. While it's game-changing technology and a potentially great investment, it has also been a tremendously fun hobby and given me countless hours of reading, entertainment, learning, and even new relationships. It's awesome to see this community growing at the pace it has and I hope to see it continue long into the future because this is something I'd like to stay involved in for the rest of my life.

With that said, the amount of bogus information and speculation on Reddit regarding the crypto market is painful to endure. For those that are newbs, which I still in some ways consider myself pretty new to this, it is easy to get caught up in the forecasting and high or low expectations for Bitcoin and other coin prices. Everyone obviously wants to see this market continue to boom, and positivity is a great thing. But there is a big difference between positivity and downright bogus speculation. The same goes for those that predict bear markets and crashes. The uninformed predictions of the market plummeting are no different. I may be overshooting this a little, but I'd say that more than 99% of what I read on Reddit regarding the market falls into the bogus speculation category. That is not a good look on cryptocurrency as a whole. We need to be realists, and the reality is that being a realist about crypto means admitting that you just have no clue whatsoever.

I only came to terms with this myself around January. And let me tell you that it has been so liberating. The freedom I feel knowing that speculative posts on Reddit no longer have any effect on me is hard to describe. With this newfound freedom, my interest and focus on crypto and blockchain has only grown stronger. So newbs, and everyone, take a moment and reflect on what you want out of this. Focus on your own personal understanding of crypto and its benefits and downfalls. Learn, learn, and learn, but use valid sources of information, not speculation. In closing, I'll admit I'm a HODLer. But you do you and enjoy the fact that you get to be involved in the early stages of some incredible technology.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet