How do I generate address with a master public key in pybitcointools?

I’m goofing around with this fork of pybitcointools and I got stock with generating address for receiving coins with a master public key. So far, this is what I have:

import bitcoin as btc  privatekey = btc.sha256("large example seed for this great test") print privatekey  # 03e02b95a485112b543ac29cd262afbbd64dca9b4496e264e47312cb193ae5ab  bip32_masterprivatekey = btc.bip32_master_key(privatekey) bip32_masterpublickey = btc.bip32_privtopub(bip32_masterprivatekey)  print bip32_masterprivatekey # xprv9s21ZrQH143K3tQmGrVtKc7B6ZPtCJAmD6wDAJXxb7YXAoZFTb55UroSxrU7k823vSQmYPDhdseRKqP1mgSUWDneinai2seUd7RLX2xkmGW  print bip32_masterpublickey # xpub661MyMwAqRbcGNVENt2tgk3uebENbktcaKroxgwa9T5W3btQ18PL2f7vp78LNoioGhZcgSH1i2cH48YcQttiEaAh86TuJpsUu2J7jQWnmbC 

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Sharing BIP32 extended master public key

I have User A who generates BIP32 Master Public and Private Keys. It shares the Master Public Key with User B.

Using the Master Public Key User B generates Address of A and Issues bitcoins from Address of B to Address of A.

Will the transaction be received in wallet of User A, if User A knows the index used by User B. ?

The main idea is that User A don’t want to share its receiving address with User B. Instead of that User A must find out itself from the Master Public Key.

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