Meet the Pac-Man That Eats Bitcoin at this 21st Century Arcade (

The amusement arcade, like the shopping mall, is a 20th century relic. Once synonymous with teen idling and coming of age, these hangouts have since been eaten by the internet. But in one New Zealand town, the arcade is biting back, led by a Pac-Man that feeds on bitcoin.
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My Bitcoin investment strategy: Each time someone I meet talks shit about Bitcoin, I buy more.

I went to a friend's Halloween party last night. Someone (not me) brought up bitcoin. Another person, a CPA, started talking shit, saying Bitcoin is a bubble and that it's not real money. Basically parroting all the crap you hear in the media. I refrained from getting much involved in the conversation, I just shrugging and said, "oh, okay." While they were discussing Bitcoin I quietly opened the Coinbase app on my phone and bought some more bitcoin.

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