I run a bar in Sydney and we are planning on hosting a monthly Bitcoin/Crypto meetup (reddit.com)

Hey guys. We have decided to be more involved in the community and try to host a monthly meetup at our bar, im looking to reach out to as many people as possible but im running into issues posting on other subreddits because of lack of karma etc. What do you guys think about meetups/ have you been to some before. Im just looking at running the best event possible. Link if you would like to check it out. https://www.facebook.com


Bulletproofs presentation at Feb 2 Milan Meetup (Andrew Poelstra)

Video here, slides here (not readable in video)

Quick highlights:

  • Bulletproofs are general zero knowledge proofs (like SNARKs)
  • They allow efficient rangeproofs for Confidential Transactions
  • Aggregation possible within a transaction for logarithmic space saving
  • Batch validation possible for roughly a 10x speed increase
  • Can be used to extend the idea of scriptless scripts, among others

Related BPASE 18 Bulletproofs presentation and thread (Benedikt Bünz)

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

CNBC manager connected to bitcoinCash meetup group: explains why FastMoney lets Ver pump his latest project without any challenging questions…

Journalistic Integrity:


That’s the marketing manager’s husband being a creator of a bcash group.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet