Op Ed: Why Millennials Migrate to Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency in Droves (bitcoinmagazine.com)

Millennials welcome new industry dynamics, but they have their own motivations for supporting the ascendancy of open-source, decentralized blockchains, many of which are unique to trends common for their generation. Regardless of the reasons for their backing, millennials are indisputably crucial to the survival of blockchains. Now the largest population on Earth, millennials also enjoy more collective buying power than any other group, with…


Migrate Blockchain blocks/transactions

I’m interested in knowing more about migration scenarios. Let’s say, I build some service on top of the Ethereum blockchain (or any Blockchain technology) but later decide to migrate to a different Blockchain technology.

Under what circumstances this is possible? Are there any existing scenarios?

  • I would assume, both blockchains would need to use the same elliptic curves to validate the transaction history in order maintain the addresses/keys.
  • I would need to migrate all Blocks, even if the blocks contain transactions that don’t belong to my service, since the blocks are signed.

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