Only 24 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin’s supply remains to be mined (18%)

82% of bitcoin's total supply has already been mined. Just $ 24 billion USD at today's prices remain to be mined up until the year 2140 approximately.

With the halvening occurring in 2020, bitcoin is going to become extremely scarce!

Just to put these bear market prices into perspective…

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Bitcoin price rise expected, with less than 4 million tokens left to be mined

The fewer Bitcoin there are left to be mined, the harder the mining process becomes. In fact, it's believed that the final Bitcoin will be mined in 2140 − more than a century from now. To put that into context, it's taken just over nine years to mine the first 17 million Bitcoin. This scarcity is widely expected to …
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17 Mln Of Total 21 Mln Bitcoins Now Mined In Milestone For Digital Scarcity

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