Businessman Outright Buys Two Electric Power Stations to Do Bitcoin Mining in Russia (

China has dominated the bitcoin mining industry for a couple of years, but fears of a government clampdown are signaling now might be the best time to enter the market elsewhere in the world. And someone just made a big bet that Russia, with its cold weather and plentiful fossil fuel energy sources, is the place to establish a mining venture.
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Small Washington Town is Becoming a Bitcoin Mining Epicenter  (

Wenatchee, a small town in Washington, is emerging as a new home for bitcoin miners. The town is about three hours aways from Seattle. What is it about this rural area causing people to move there and mine cryptocurrency?
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Canada could become the world's bitcoin mining capital as China cracks down

China is home to the world's biggest bitcoin miners but is cracking down on the sector due to concerns about excessive energy usage. At the same time, Canada is actively courting bitcoin miners as regions like Quebec have excess power capacity. Other countries like Kazakhstan and Venezuela are …
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Canadian Entrepreneur Seeks to Recycle Heat Generated by Cryptocurrency Mining (

A Canadian entrepreneur has sought to recycle the heat generated through bitcoin mining by growing plants and fish suited to the temperatures produced by cryptocurrency mining rigs by utilizing an aquaponic system.
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Canadian Entrepreneur Recycles Heat From…


Calvin Ayre Launching Bitcoin Cash Mining Operations (

Online gambling entrepreneur and billionaire Calvin Ayre has announced his next business venture to be cryptocurrency mining operations. According to Ayre the mining facility will dedicate its hashpower to the bitcoin cash blockchain only.
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Confusion Grows Surrounding Official Chinese Position Regarding Bitcoin Mining (

In recent days a number of conflicting reports have surfaced pertaining to the stance of China’s government with regards to bitcoin mining. Last week, Bloomberg reported that the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) had met to discuss curbing mining operations in China, whilst Chinese media reports denied such – however, it has since emerged that the local government of Xinjiang province has mandated an “orderly exit” of its bitcoin mining industry. Despite widespread speculation that the


Bitcoin price LIVE: Crypto price slips as China plans 'orderly exit' from bitcoin mining

It is not known yet how bitcoin's price will react to the leaked report that China's top internet-finance regulator, the Leading Group of Internet Financial Risks Remediation, has issued a notice asking local governments to help bitcoin-mining operations make an “orderly exit” from the business.
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