When comparing the Lightning Network to the legacy payment systems, all detractors either miss or intentionally leave out the most important distinction that gives LN its major advantage —> **Zero counterparty risk**

Unlike the bank (or anything we’ve previously known), with the Lightning Network the other party can’t decide not to give you the money they owe you. A blockchain confirmation will always set the record straight. Unlike the bank, the Lightning Network involves zero trust in the other party to give you your funds.


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

I miss the days Bitcoin was more about fighing against the criminal banking/governments, we don’t talk much about it anymore.

Those kind of things got me attracted to Bitcoin, Bitcoin that was made as a protest to these criminal bankers, not wether btc should be 1mb, 2mb or 8mb. Seems people forgot about it. I miss those days man and got tired of these scaling topics. Lets focus more on why Bitcoin was made in the first place.

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