Western Union Makes Key Partnership To Deliver Money To Mobile Wallets

Western Union is pushing further into the crypto world, teaming up with a cross-border payments network so its customers can take advantage of mobile wallets. The network is Thunes, and through it, Western Union customers can send funds directly into a recipient’s mobile wallet. All they need to do is go online or visit one of the many agent locations just as they do to make traditional transfers. Why Should Anyone Care? Western Union has long been known as the place to make wire transfers and pay bills, but advances in the world of fintech have nearly rendered the brick-and-mortar

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Freemium Isn’t Free! Free Mobile Games Generated a Whopping $61 Billion in 2018

The 2018 end-of-year report by Nielsen-owned gaming research company SuperData has revealed that so-called freemium games – games that are free to play but typically enable microtransactions for users to purchase upgrades and gizmos – are dominating the entertainment market, generating a massive $ 88 billion in the past year. Unsurprisingly this segment also known as … Continued

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Introducing DropBit – CoinNinja’s New Mobile Wallet

Introducing DropBit - CoinNinja’s New Mobile Wallet

Hey Reddit!

The team at CoinNinja is proud to launch our new Bitcoin mobile wallet today, DropBit.


  • New Mobile Bitcoin Wallet (free)
  • Non Custodial (no account setup/ you own your coins)
  • Send and receive using Phone Number
  • Simple enough for Grandma to use
  • Powerful enough for Andreas to use
  • Download now and gives us your thoughts below


We hope you all will try it out and consider making it your new go-to Bitcoin mobile wallet. A lot of the design and features were based on who we are as a company.

Who is CoinNinja?

We are a small group of developers based in Akron, Ohio with one goal… Accelerating the global adoption of Bitcoin. We believe Bitcoin, and Crypto in general, are the future of global currency. Adoption is key to this. Everyday people must start using Bitcoin to buy and sell goods. We understand this adoption will take time but if we can speed it up, just a little, we will have met our goal. The way to do this is to help everyday people (noCoiners) understand why Bitcoin is better than current fiat currencies and teach them just enough to be able to easily and securely store and transact with Bitcoin. We started meeting these goals about a year ago with a simplified block explorer and educational videos. Today we bring this all together with a secure and easy to use mobile app for IOS and Android: DropBit.

DropBit is teaching

We created DropBit to quickly teach new users about Bitcoin, before using it. Upon the initial download, there are training and educational screens to help people understand first ‘Why Bitcoin?’, and then how to use recovery words to secure their Bitcoin. These screens can be skipped for people already familiar with Bitcoin.

DropBit is simple

The DropBit app works the same as most non-custodial mobile wallets out there. Users can store, send, and receive Bitcoin right from their mobile device with no account sign up.

The biggest difference with our wallet is our proprietary DropBit feature which allows users to send Bitcoin using only the user’s contact list, or by entering a phone number.

People new to Bitcoin don’t necessarily need to know what Bitcoin addresses are or how to use them. Our app will allow you send Bitcoin by way of a phone number, while transferring Bitcoin to a receive address in the background. Unlike other services offering something similar, we never take control of your Bitcoin. DropBit makes sending Bitcoin as easy as using CashApp or Venmo while still keeping all the decentralized benefits of Bitcoin. In fact, when we’ve demonstrated DropBit to people, they often say oh ‘this is just like Venmo or Cash App for Bitcoin’. That’s a big compliment to us and exactly what we are trying to achieve – simplicity in sending money to one another.

Learn more about this feature at https://dropbit.app/dropbit

DropBit is Sharing

Even if someone has never used, or even heard about Bitcoin, our app allows them to send and receive Bitcoin easily. Non-users will receive a text alerting them to an incoming Bitcoin transaction. Once they download the Dropbit app, they will have some Bitcoin waiting for them. This makes Dropbit the easiest way to get NoCoiners to start using Bitcoin.


We would really love to have everyone try it out. Download DropBit from the App Store or Play Store, explore the app, and tell us what you think, and how we can make this the best wallet available. We will be answering questions and taking suggestions on how to improve for the next few hours and days through this Reddit thread.

Keep HODLing,

The CoinNinja Team


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

**PSA: The Scaling Debate is over.** At the Berlin Lightning Hackday this weekend some #reckless people implemented a POS solution on mobile devices that allows us to accept Bitcoin via the lightning network at our bar (ROOM77).


Stuff just got real. Real as in applied in a real world business in a real world usecase recklessly using real money.

People opened channels to our node and paid their bill and other people did not open channels to us but their payments were successfully routed and arrived in literally microseconds as well anyway.

I am herewith declaring the end of the scaling debate. This problem is solved. We can now refocus on the actual challenges like fungability and privacy in Bitcoin.

I wanna throw out the biggest thanks to Rene and all the other guys who I cannot possibly name who have contributed. Also to Jef, Christian and Josh of fulmo who did an unbelievable job bringing the people together here and making this development possible.

This kind of innovation feels like the early days of Bitcoin all over again.

edit: typo

edit 2: we've come a long way: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/62uw23/lightning_network_is_working_room77_is_accepting/

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet