[PROOF] More than 90% of S2X nodes are Amazon AWS instances

So I have some scripts in place that check for btc1 nodes and ban them regularly.

Today I realized I have all the data available already so why not checking how many of nodes that advertise to the network as S2X run on AWS.

Amazon provides the list of their IP ranges here so it was fairly easy.

Here is my old script that gets the list of 2x nodes and saves them in a file.

Then there's the script that just goes through the list of IPs and checks whether they exist within the AWS IP range.

Those of you that know how to read PHP (probably almost everyone) can verify the source here (didn't want to put it on GitHub because it's a quick shit code).

Given how quickly the node count grew for btc1 it was obvious they're faking it. Now we have hard data that prove so.

For those that want to stop providing node resources to these attackers, feel free to ban them with these scripts.

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Every attempt to “improve” Bitcoin by creating another coin only serves to prove that Bitcoin’s value is as a secure store of value, thereby increasing its price as more people store their value in it.

If you peruse the various subreddits on the subject of crypto you'll see incredible frustration among the various communities behind other coins. Faster transactions, more transactions, larger blocks, faster blocks, turing completeness, confidential transactions – yet the price of bitcoin keeps going up without these.


Because bitcoin, at this stage in history, isn't about any of those things. Bitcoin is a system that can be used to reliably store value at no cost. Scarcity and security are the keys to value and you don't need any of those other features. And nobody has suggested any way at all to improve on these features of bitcoin.

So bitcoin keeps on winning on value and becomes the fastest growing way to store value. And of course, its value skyrockets as more value is crammed into it.

When the time comes to go from savings to spending, the competitive landscape will be very different. But you can't spend what you haven't earned and saved, and all of today's alternatives to bitcoin will have failed at earning the position of a savings vehicle.

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