Bitcoin 'miners' are losing money at any price below $8600: Morgan Stanley

If bitcoin can't recover $ 8,600 soon, bitcoin "miners" will likely find it unprofitable to keep creating the cryptocurrency, Morgan Stanley analysts said. Bitcoin traded slightly higher near $ 8,200 Thursday, according to CoinDesk. It has struggled to recover in the last few months after tumbling from a record …
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Bitcoin to Burst Faster than Tech Bubble? Someone Tell Morgan Stanley It's Been Almost a …

According to Sheena Shah, a strategist at Morgan Stanley, there are similarities between Bitcoin and the Nasdaq during the 1998-2000 technology bubble — with his argument centering around the fact that both experienced massive run-ups before dramatically decreasing in value. As displayed in a …
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JP Morgan Chase Fears Crypto Is Disruptive Competition (

Perhaps cryptocurrency’s largest institutional nemesis is JP Morgan Chase. Led by the ever-belligerent Jamie Dimon, it and he have taken numerous opportunities to sandbag bitcoin and its spawn. Theories about why have long circled, but now there appears to be proof the legacy bank is threatened by decentralized currency in digital form, according to an internal annual report.
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JP Morgan Jamie Dimon Regrets his ”Bitcoin Is a Fraud” Statement (

Jamie Dimon, chair of JP Morgan Chase, was once again asked about his thoughts on bitcoin. In a wide-ranging interview on FOX Business, Mr. Dimon was given a few of his notable quotes back to him, and asked to assess his present feelings. It appears he’s softened a little on the the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, after once referring to it as “a fraud.”
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Morgan Stanley says the true price of bitcoin might be zero

Morgan Stanley analyst James Faucette and his team sent a research note to clients a few days ago suggesting that the real value of bitcoin might be … $ 0. That's zero dollars. (Bitcoin stood at around $ 14,400 at the time of writing.) The paper (titled "Bitcoin decrypted") did not give a price target for bitcoin …
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