PSA: You can and should move your coins off of Coinbase for free via GDAX

If you have any coin on Coinbase and you are not planning to sell it in the near future, it is highly recommended you move it offline to your own wallet. If you don’t own a wallet, look at the Ledger Nano S or Trezor, they aren’t free but their price is cheap for the security and peace of mind.

Once you have a hardware wallet or a means of holding your own keys, open an account at GDAX. It’s owned by Coinbase and the application process is exactly the same. When your account is verified, transfer your Coinbase to GDAX using GDAX’s interface. From GDAX you can transfer them to your wallet’s address for free.

I used to keep my coins on Coinbase primarily to see day-to-day account balances, but there are plenty of free apps that can do the same thing. I now use Blockfolio.

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