‘Crypto’ Movie Stirs Backlash by Pushing Bitcoin-Money Laundering Narrative

Hollywood already has a sinister opinion about bitcoin, even though few in the movie business probably know much about cryptocurrencies. The new film “Crypto” pushes the bitcoin-money laundering narrative — a stance that’s echoed in the few TV shows that reference virtual currencies. The trailer for “Crypto” was released on March 11. The movie’s tagline is “fear is the ultimate currency.” Plot: Russian Mafia Uses Bitcoin to Launder Money According to IMDB (Internet Movie Database), “Crypto” is a crime thriller about a Wall Street banker who gets caught up in a global money-laundering conspiracy involving the Russian mafia. Ooh, it’s

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The movie “Too Big To Fail” is the greatest advertisement for Bitcoin ever created

So we all know Bitcoin was created in the wake of the financial crisis, which is covered well in the HBO movie, Too Big To Fail. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend.

Specifically, there is one scene where William Hurt, playing Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen, is talking to his wife about the possible collapse of the financial system. In it he describes how it would happen and how it's all built on trust and banks lending to other banks, if one domino goes they all go, and pretty soon the average Joe will be worrying about the money in his bank and smashing ATMs.

The whole time he's talking I'm just thinking about how if we had a system built on Bitcoin and the blockchain, no one would have to worry like that. Their money would be safely in their wallet, unmovable without their consent. NO WOULD WOULD HAVE TO TRUST ANYONE IN ORDER FOR THE SYSTEM TO WORK!

How is that not an objectively better reality? Instead, this man, Hank Paulsen, acted in ways that led to TRILLIONS in taxpayer money (your money!) to give to the very people whose greed and recklessness caused the failure and suffering in the first place.

Bitcoin is going to change lives, because people are going to want what it has to offer.

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