Make money by moving Bitcoin forward, not trying to get money from people trying to make money from Bitcoin

There is this stain on Bitcoin of all of these people and companies coming out with their ways to make money on Bitcoin, mainly by targeting those people that want to get rich from Bitcoin. I had two fake "cloud mining" people contact me in the past week. I've had Bitcoin pyramid scheme people contacting me saying if I send .2 BTC today I'll get .4 BTC in 4 days.

Come on people. Get a life. Invest in growing the Bitcoin ecosystem. Make it better, there are so many areas that need productive people to make it grow.

We need plug and play Point of Sale systems, we need amazing user interfaces for our wallets, we need Lightning Network in our browsers so server admins can use micropayments for things like captcha, login security (pay 1 bit when you log into a website so that a hacker attacking your login will have to come out of pocket to try to guess your password), we need wifi software so anyone can share their wifi at home, airports, public spaces and charge micropayments for use.

Go business to business, set them up with bitcoin…take a commission to make money. Go on localbitcoins and buy/sell bitcoins to make it easier for people to get into Bitcoin.

Take whatever your talents are in the real world and translate them into something useful for Bitcoin. Even if it's flipping burgers, sell the best burgers you can make on the weekend and only accept Bitcoin. Call them Bitcoin burgers.

If you're trying to scam people out of money because they don't fully understand the bitcoin ecosystem yet, re-evaluate your life choices and decide today to not be such an asshole. Actually do something with your future and be a decent human being already.

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