Transfering bitcoins out of an old multibit wallet

A few years ago I bought bitcoin and I’ve kept it in a Multibit 0.5.15 (Mac OSX) wallet. Now I want to either sell this bitcoin or send it to a different wallet. I already made a transfer but since I can’t manually specify a higher fee in this old Multibit app my transfer stays on pending/unconfirmed.

My question is, how do I transfer this money? Is there any way to export either my wallet or transfer my money to another wallet?

Also I have no idea what to do with this pending transaction. I see no way to cancel it in Multibit 0.5.15.

Any help appreciated!

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Bitcoin stuck in a old Multibit Classic wallet. Unable to transfer it out

I have bitcoin in an old Multibit classic wallet version 0.5.16. I was able to successfully transfer $ 1 worth of bitcoin to another wallet but I’m unable to do 0.5 bitcoin or higher.

Apparently the fees have gone up and my transfer is rejected due to too low of a fee sent. There doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the fees in version 0.5.16.

I don’t know the wallet words to import the wallet to a Multibit HD account.

I have read this:

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for moving bitcoin out of a multibit classic wallet? Or moving the wallet to another program that actually works?

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Multibit classic transfer stuck, help is greatly appreciated

The transfer I made on the 24th is still on going without confirmation, I googled it around and found out the my wallet is outdated which cause the fee is too small, so the transfer would not get any confirmation.

I did reset the blockchain and hope that it would cancel the transfer but it did not, wondering if there is anyone who can tell me where did I go from here …

would the coin turn back to wallet after its outdated ? or if there is anything I can do to get any confirmation of the transfer or cancel the transfer ..

Your help is apprecaited

Thank you

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Pls Help! My transactions on multibit HD is yet to be confirmed after 24hrs

please can anyone help here as I’m a beginner on btc. I sent some bitcoins but after more than 24 hours is not yet confirmed but shows it has been seen by peers on multibit HD. I have tried on 5 occasions on repair wallet but yet no results.

b57acae08aa1aaff70d8c74bf823e6a5b6f536b1524cc777d9f4e89794ca64bc 3b1b1c3822ab74cad22ca34731cb298d906e04acc741bb5e7fc38b2b333c2ccc b03eb0087f4c75d4bdfa2e1788a92b1402037f210f17caf71b6a66d73597356c

I decided to transfer my other wallet to a new wallet and still not showing too.



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Multibit – “Transaction cannot be completed at this time – unconfirmed?”

I’ve been using multibit for a while and haven’t had any problems until now.

This is new wallet, created right before depositing bitcoins. I deposited about .3 bitcoins and all looked fine at first. When it said the transaction was confirmed I tried sending a few of them out, which didn’t work. I figured I would wait for the little green circle to fully complete (for all the blocks to confirm I believe?), then try again. When I logged back on the next day, all the bitcoins were unconfirmed. I used the “repair wallet” feature which fixed that, but now when I try to send a payment I get the error “Transaction cannot be completed at this time – unconfirmed?”

The incoming payment is confirmed by 271 blocks, and says recieved. However the status says “This transaction did not pay bitcoins to any payment request” (not exactly sure what that means) The two outgoing payments (which did not work) are both confirmed by 200+ blocks, says its sent, and also say “This transaction did not pay bitcoins to any payment request”

I’ve done my google searches and have no clue what’s wrong, if you have an idea please throw it my way.

EDIT: Another note. The two outgoing transactions say sent, but did not subtract from my total balance.

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My transaction in Multibit HD has seen by 124 peers but yet after 11 hours, not confirmed?

my transaction size is 1850 (bytes) with fee of 0.00051 BTC and it is seen by 124 peers in multibit HD . but now after 11 hours, it is not confirmed! in it said “Estimated Confirmation Time: Very Soon (High Priority)” why it is not confirmed? here’s the hash: 4fba9205ed407f941a35ebb4f8e56ee565625d3a55da903bfae4c95dbe1548b1 thanks

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