Billionaire Charlie Munger Destroys Elon Musk’s Hyperinflated Sense of IQ

While answering questions at Los Angeles-based news outlet Daily Journal Corp’s annual meeting, Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of investment giant Berkshire Hathaway and longtime partner of fellow billionaire Warren Buffett, took a thinly-veiled shot at Elon Musk, founder and CEO of automobile company Tesla Inc. Munger, who serves as the chairman of Journal Daily Corp, has gained worldwide acclaim as a successful investor and is also seen as a “sage” who gives some of the best investment advice. At the annual meeting, Munger was asked by a company shareholder about his proverb, where he once famously said he would rather

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Bitcoin retreats from $10000, comes under fire from Berkshire's Buffett and Munger

Cryptocurrency prices begin the week on the back foot as the No.1 digital currency continues to struggle ahead of the key $ 10,000 level. After reaching a weekend high of $ 9,954.95, the price of a single bitcoin BTCUSD, -2.25% slumped back below $ 9,500. However, one technical expert expect the …
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Charlie Munger calls Elon Musk 'brilliant' and bitcoin 'stupid and immoral'

Charlie Munger had nothing but nice things to say about Elon Musk — and nothing but bad things to say about bitcoin, and he acknowledged that he had “mellowed” on Donald Trump. Munger also said he was “glad” we had a trade deficit with China. I interviewed the outspoken Berkshire Hathaway vice …
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Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger Slam Bitcoin Again, Resort To Elementary School Insults

Billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway's Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett reiterated his negative stance towards cryptocurrencies at the annual meeting of his company Saturday, May 5. Buffet repeated his idea that cryptocurrencies will come to a “bad ending,” and claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) is …
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Billionaire Charlie Munger says 'bitcoin is noxious poison'

Bitcoin prices rallied above the $ 9,000 mark Wednesday, an 11-day high following a selloff in late January and early February that sent prices tumbling toward $ 7,000, a far cry from its record above $ 19,000 in late December. Bitcoin BTCUSD, +1.62% is down 18% in the past month, and 34% year to …
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