Electrum and Mycelium now publicly support UASF BIP148 which activates SegWit on August 1st. Ecosystem developers: sound off, regardless of your side!

Code wins cypherpunk wars. We need a clear sense of which developers, apps, and services are on which side.

I'm going to draw up a 'map,' as it were, of the major players in the space, from which we can gauge support. Any help would be appreciated, just drop 'em in the comments.

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Strange output from Mycelium. Mycelium taking my money?

Looks like Mycelium stole some money from me. It’s not much, (76 cents worth), but I’m still pissed they stole it and didn’t tell me in advance. This is not the transaction fee. The 0.00029068 BTC transaction fee was already applied.

Sent Bitcoin to one Bitcoin address, however there are two “outputs”. Why is there two of these “outputs”?


Here is the transaction on Blockchain: https://blockchain.info/tx/98f00f534f0126149e6e52a8265549b19324ade1f16a1cb86d653d1a73f358d0

The first “output” is legit, but the second one stole 0.00077404 BTC. What gives? In total I wasted around $ 1.00 on this transaction including the fee. This is really pissing me off.

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