Bitcoin Enthusiast Finds Undiscovered Cave and Names It Satoshi (

Few people will ever encounter an undiscovered natural wonder, and then have the pleasure of naming it. That’s what happened to Guido Turricchia and his intrepid band of explorers deep within the Papua New Guinean jungle and deep beneath the earth. The speleologist found a new cave and had the honor of christening it. The epithet the environmental engineer and bitcoin enthusiast chose? Why, Satoshi.
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I made solar moon names for every price milestone Bitcoin hits, up to 100k (

Lets call our milestones by moon names to start at 5k with Moon 🙂 Earth – Moon 5k Mars – Deimos 10k Jupiter – Io 15k – Europa 20k – Ganymede 25k – Callisto 30k Saturn – Mimas 35k – Enceladus 40k – Dione 45k – Titan 50k – Hyperian 55k – Lapetus 60k Uranus – Miranda 65k – Ariel 70k – Titania 75k – Oberon 80k Neptune – Triton 85k – Nereid 90k Pluto – Charon 95k Eris


Chamber of Digital Commerce Names DTTC Executive to Advisory Board

The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) has appointed Mark Wetjen, head of global public policy at the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), to its board of advisors. The DTCC, the world’s top post-trade market infrastructure for international financial services, has joined the chamber’s executive committee. The DTCC processed nearly $ 1.5 quadrillion in securities transactions in […]

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