If you have old ASICSs, get them ready. We'll need every hash power to make sure bitcoin is secure after the fork. (reddit.com)

Our first duty is to protect and defend forever bitcoin ecosystem and bitcoin network. The sole principle of existence and the future is this. This principle is your most valuable treasure. Also even in the future, there will be internal and external enemies who will want to deprive you of this treasure. One day if you are obliged to defend Bitcoin and the network, you will not think of the circumstances, opportunities and conditions in which you will be found in order to begin your duties…


Message to Core: We need PoW Change. Now.

Whether it be for the S2X bullshit, or the fact that 90%+ of hashing power is centralized in the bitmain cartel, we need a PoW change that can sustain the effects of ASIC manufacturing. Equishash is NOT the answer, and Core's focus needs to be aimed at an ASIC resistant hashing function.

We now see the true effects of what a 51% attack could mean. A ASIC-resistant, or ASIC-impossible solution needs to be found. We're looking at having Bitcoin taken from beneath us if we don't act now. And this will NOT be the only attack we will see in this style. Core has a responsibility to Bitcoin to put their effort into this.

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