The Bitcoin Gold Project Responds to Negative Criticism (

Just recently reported on the alleged hard fork project, Bitcoin Gold, that’s supposedly scheduled to take place on October 25. We also we investigated the project further, while asking the lead developer some questions concerning this proposed fork. Now with only fifteen days left until the team tries to fork the bitcoin…


Handling negative “s” values for signatures?

In comparing these test vectors to my own results, for tests #2 and #5, I end up with negative s values. My results show that for test #2, test_s = my_s * -1, as an integer, yet the hexadecimal representation matches up correctly with the test, while for test #5, test_s = my_s + curve_order. What is the proper way to handle a negative s value, or possibly, should I not be getting negative s values for these tests?

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PSA: Do not give out bitcoin as a main gift for Christmas. It’s fine as something fun alongside another gift, but if it’s the sole gift you’re likely to give someone a negative experience.

Speaking from personal experience here.

Bitcoin doesn't make a very good gift. I know a lot of us think it's fun or it'll be worth a lot of money, but most people you are giving it to don't share your vision or knowledge of the space.

If you give JUST bitcoin, it's essentially the same as giving away Euros or British Pounds as a gift. It's just money in a harder to use form for the recipient. (Yes, I'm well-aware of the advantages of bitcoin! I've been invested for a long time. However, the average person doesn't want a gift that has to be explained to them.)

It's completely ok to share bitcoin or get paper wallets (it can be the same as a lottery ticket… just for fun!), just don't hand someone $ 50 of a foreign concept to them and expect them to love the gift!

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