A 1.6meg Block Was Mined / GO SegWit!!! / NO2X

A 1.6meg block was mined this morning by Bitcoin-India Mining Pool. And it was followed by a 1.262meg block.

I follow the blocks pretty close. I'm not sure if this 1.6meg block is the biggest so far, but it's the BIGGEST I've seen.

Electrum Wallet has a new release (3.0) which has SegWit Address Support. If you're using Electrum, be sure to upgrade to 3.0. (If you're running Windows 7 or 8, hold off on upgrading to 3.0. There seems to be a bug with Windows7 & 8 that keeps Electrum 3.0 from running. You probably want to wait for Electrum 3.1)

SegWit will take us to ~2megs block until Schnorr Signatures come out later this month or next. Then we'll start to see blocks 3 to 3.8megs.

A 2x Hard Fork is not wanted for needed at this time. Sidechains and 2nd Layer solutions are a much better way to scale Bitcoin. Increasing the blocksize to levels needed for Worldwide Mass Adoption would break the decentralized Bitcoin network.

GO SegWit!!!! / NO2X

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