Need help with a Bitcoin Node, can’t get more than 8 connections (ports already forwarded)

I've spent two days trying to figure out how to get more than 8 connections, UPNP on, UPNP off, ports open, I can't seem to get more than 8 connections

Should I put something specific in the bitcoin.conf? what should I do?

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Finally Set up my own Lightning Node

I finally set up a Raspberry Pi Lightning Node to support the lightning network. Followed the guide by which can be found here:

The guide is noob friendly, the only time I faced hiccups is because of some screw ups by myself or misreading of information given in the guide. Plus the author is also quick to respond to you if you raise issues on his github.

Total cost would be around $ 150 for the hardware (the only reason it is so high is because I bought a new 4TB hard drive for the node, which is unnecessary. For the current size of the blockchain – 250GB, a 500 GB hard drive would do.)

Edit: Lightning Explorer pages haven't yet been updated with my node, I am not sure why. But I will link it as soon as I am able.

Here's the node on the Explorer:

I have funded it with very minimal amount of BTC as I cannot afford to spend more on it at the moment. But I will be sending more funds over to support the network as soon as I am able to.

Feel free to fund my node if you guys think it's worthy. Here is the BTC address: 33Cmu8AdP1zNuz4UPTHE8NEZqe7LWBkBz7

I am open to any questions you guys might have, though most of the set up questions have already been covered in the guide written by the original author above.

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Lightning Network convinced me to run a full node.

Ive been here since a long time and I've never really had a compelling reason to run a full node other than to verify my own transactions. But since the inception of the lightning network and all the funny / cool / silly apps that are cropping up, I decided to fire up my own to explore the programmability of layer 2. I feel like L2 has the potential to attract more web devs and js script kids like myself to this space.

Has there been a significant increase in nodes since the inception of LN?

Edit: Would also like to mention that im running on a pi3b+ i found for $ 30 with a 1tb external hard drive that cost me like $ 50. Im using the memory card to boot from an usb stick because my mmc kept getting corrupted. Syncing took pretty long like 5 weeks, dont know if that is normal, but might have to do with my setup.

Edit 2: I followed this excellent guide

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