Cybersecurity CEO: 'Absolutely' reason to believe North Korea is amassing bitcoin, likely to fund …

The U.S. government revealed Tuesday that North Korea was behind the debilitating WannaCry hack earlier this year, demanding ransom in bitcoin. CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz said there's "absolutely" reason to believe North Korea has an appreciating pile of bitcoin to fund future attacks.
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It’s Official: Bitcoin Was Bigger Than North Korea and the Eclipse This Year (

For people who work, live, and trade bitcoin, it can be hard to get a true perspective on the digital currency’s popularity. It’s now been independently confirmed, however, that 2017 really was all about bitcoin. Google’s Year in Search has been published, and it ranks bitcoin as the second biggest news story of 2017, second only to Hurricane Irma. Both events were unstoppable forces this year, wreaking havoc in their respective spheres.
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