NEWCOMERS. Don’t be worried if we see a $6000-$7000 correction soon. The media is going to say bitcoin is dead. Just HODL and ride out the storm. Nothing can sustain this level of growth. I started collecting at $400, I’ve seen this happen a bunch of times.


Phase 2:

Phase 3: Profit

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Reasons the btc 'deathspiral' is nothing but FUD and won't work (

I’ve seen plenty of posts lately (especially on r/BTC) about this ‘dragonslayer’ plot to put btc into a death spiral at the difficulty adjustment (which happened a little while ago). I don’t think it will work. The incentive structure works. It has worked fine for the last 9 years. If hash power leaves and fees go up, miners come back to collect the fees. During the last spam attack we saw some blocks that had fee rewards almost as much as the block reward. There is…