There is so much misinformation going on right now. Be careful (

I feel like this subreddit is being assaulted by propaganda. Transaction times and fees are high right now because of the SX2 and B.C.H drama right now. I believe some miners have temporarily stopped mining Bitcoin to gob up B.C.H while the heat is high but I do not think it is sustainable and miners will soon switch back to Bitcoin. There is a ton of spam on the blockchain right now with transactions in an effort I think to try to slow down and increase transaction prices. If you can’t take…


Message to Core: We need PoW Change. Now.

Whether it be for the S2X bullshit, or the fact that 90%+ of hashing power is centralized in the bitmain cartel, we need a PoW change that can sustain the effects of ASIC manufacturing. Equishash is NOT the answer, and Core's focus needs to be aimed at an ASIC resistant hashing function.

We now see the true effects of what a 51% attack could mean. A ASIC-resistant, or ASIC-impossible solution needs to be found. We're looking at having Bitcoin taken from beneath us if we don't act now. And this will NOT be the only attack we will see in this style. Core has a responsibility to Bitcoin to put their effort into this.

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Those who doubted or were ignorant to Bitcoin before, are complaining about early-adopter bias and unfair distribution now. (

You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to dismiss or ignore a technology until it is ubiquitous worldwide; and then claim you should have been included earlier; You don’t get to claim that it’s unfair that those who chose not to dismiss or ignore Bitcoin, are now financially successful. Everyone had an opportunity to buy Bitcoin early. And you still have an opportunity to buy now. If you think the price is going up, if you’re so sure that this new class of rich people are going to…