Banks Greased with Dirty Money Are Terrified of Becoming Obsolete

Most cryptocurrency companies struggle to get a bank account. This is mainly due to inadequate anti-money laundering procedures and the banks’ fear of being fined. At least, that’s what these centralized institutions with coffers stuffed full of dirty money want you to believe. In reality, they’re out of their depth and scrambling to stay relevant. Banks Suppress Cryptocurrency Because They Fear It In June 2016, the British public lost its mind. Driven by an ageing population of right-wing voters clinging to the memory of the “Great” Britain of the colonial years–and voter abstention on behalf of the youth. Then, just

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The Results Are In: Dragonmint T1 Doesn’t Make the S9 Obsolete (

There’s been a lot of skepticism aimed at the company Halong Mining and its machine the Dragonmint T1. The firm announced in November of 2017 that it would be distributing its Dragonmint devices in 2018 and stated its miners would be the most efficient machines on the market. So far, after all the controversy, some Dragonmint miners have been delivered and reviews show the machines do produce close to 16 terrahash per second during operation  but the rigs are not even close…


China accepts that cash money may become obsolete despite banning Bitcoin

China still remains the biggest market for digital payments because of the popularity of tech platforms developed by giants like Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings Ltd. Recently there was a rumor that Alibaba would join Bitcoin mining or even launch its own digital currency. The company founder …
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