Is there a service or exchange or wallet that lets you send Bitcoin offchain to avoid fees and the blocktime – aka. Sidechain?

We all know that sending or receiving bitcoin requires the user to wait at least 10 minutes to get a confirmation in order to avoid a double spend attack. But this 10 minutes limits a developer in creating certain apps that require a faster confirmation time. In essence this is what sidechains were suppose to solve.

The only solution to avoid the blocktime is going offchain like how coinbase can send BTC to another user by just using their email address. This obviously requires trust in a 3rd party. The thing with coinbase is that they can easily freeze your account if it doesnt meet their regulator requirements as they are a public facing company.

Is there another non-government regulated service, exchange, or wallet that lets you send BTC offchain to avoid the wait time and fees? From my knowledge no exchange lets you send user to user.

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