Sarnia's Bitcoin mining operation part of a much bigger story

Phil Egan. If your idea of a modern miner is a guy with a lamp-helmet and pickaxe, you may be a techie dinosaur – as I was mere days ago. That was before I learned about a technology that might be as revolutionary as the Internet itself. It's called hyperledger blockchain technology, and many believe …
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Illegal Bitcoin Mining Operation Tapping Cheap Power Busted in South Korea

South Korean police have arrested over a dozen individuals involved in an illegal bitcoin mining operation that used cheap electricity afforded to industrial complexes. The metropolitan police agency of Gwangju, a city in country's south, has revealed details of alleged illegal mining activities undertaken …
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Vanguard CEO just said today we will never see a Bitcoin fund from them, meanwhile, Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson has already set up a Bitcoin mining operation since last year. Let's support Fidelity instead! (


Operation to Bypass China’s Capital Controls Using Bitcoin Ends up in South Korean Court (

A South Korean police officer has been indicted for his role in an operation to bypass China’s capital controls. Using bitcoin to transfer the funds, the case involves the movement of 12 billion won, approximately $ 11 million, by foreign exchange services in both China and South Korea.
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Goldman Sachs Contemplates Creating a New Bitcoin Trading Operation (

Sources close to the American multinational finance company, Goldman Sachs, has revealed the firm is looking into creating a new trading operation that deals with bitcoin.
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Goldman Sachs May Enter the Cryptocurrency Trading Arena
The Manhattan-based financial management service,…