Bitcoin Nears $9000 As Crypto Buy Orders Compose 92% of Market: Bull Run Imminent

Buy order presence isn't the only indicator that hints toward a massive run up in the near future, however — with Bitcoin exhibiting a meteoric $ 1,000 jump over the last three days, investors are moving in quickly to capitalize on what is anticipated to be a return to the $ 10,000 BTC psychological barrier.
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Gemini Adds Block Trading to Reduce Impact of Large Orders on Bitcoin Price

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins, has added a new feature that will reduce the impact that large buy and sell orders have on the Bitcoin price. Announced on Monday, Gemini Block Trading will allow cryptocurrency “whales” to execute large trades outside of the …
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Russian Bankruptcy Court Orders Debtor to Disclose Cryptocurrency Holdings (

The Moscow bankruptcy court has ordered a bankrupt debtor to provide information about his cryptocurrency holdings. The trustee has requested that his cryptocurrencies be included in the bankruptcy estate. The court will decide if the coins can be used to pay creditors.
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Putin Orders the Issue of Russia’s National Cryptocurrency – the Cryptoruble (

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered the issue of the national cryptocurrency, the “cryptoruble.” The Russian Minister of Communications and Mass Media has revealed some details of this new currency.
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Putin’s Executive Order


How do bitcoin exchanges commit the limit/market orders?

I’m trying to understand the topic of blockchain and bitcoins as well. So, the only one question I want to get answer for: how do exchanges commit orders? I mean, how the transaction could be started by exchange? As I understand, only the owner of wallet (with the pair of pub/private key) can start transaction for transferring some amount of btc. So, I can’t find the information about “remote control” of wallet. Maybe I am wrong, please correct me. And excuse me for my English. It’s not my native language.

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