The world keeps on underestimating Bitcoin. The irony of these moments is inescapable. The size, strength, and financial commitment of the numerous small owners of BTC is greater than it has ever been, and its adoption, though nowhere near where it can be, has progressed steadily.

My money is on the large masses of the small, unbanked, and suppressed.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Smearing Bitcoin owners. Tax cheats. (

Over the past year, a repeating trend within the news articles that I see, is that the IRS claims that only a very small fraction of Bitcoin owners have been reporting their earnings. The claim is due to repeat itself this year as far as I can tell. I just saw an article making reporting that out of 250,000 people who did their taxes through credit karma, only a small handful of people reported Bitcoin earnings. From this, an illrepresened figure of 20 people, overall, are said to have…


Business owners who accept and use bitcoin, how do you currently handle bookkeeping? (

I’m thinking about creating a small web app that allows people to enter their wallet addresses and categorize expenses along with creating simple reports to make taxes easier. Before getting started, I was hoping to talk to a few business owners to figure out if there is a need for something like this. Thanks!