I paid dinner using Bitcoin in Venezuela. First time crypto-transaction of the restaurant!

I just paid dinner in Bitcoin. Venezuela is not mass adopting Bitcoin for now but various sites are starting to accept Bitcoin as payment in Bolivares suffer from inflation.

Here are the pics in bad quality of a couple of dishes + BTC transaction already confirmed.

https://picoolio.net/image/IaGW https://picoolio.net/image/IaGK https://picoolio.net/image/IaQ3

And yes it's a expensive restaurant in Venezuela, based on all the problems here… there are restaurants that are still offering good quality service and dishes but for an expensive price compared to monthly salary.

I'm happy Bitcoin is growing and these options are now here.

Thanks for reading.

PS. not sharing this because country where I made payment. I'm sharing because Bitcoin adoption. I would love to keep discussions of Venezuela out. But If you want me to explain current situation, you are free send me a private message.

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