I just paid a taxi driver in Manchester my fair in bitcoin.

He did not take credit card. He drove me to an ATM at gas station, but it was out of order. The gas station and not hotel I was staying at did any have provide cash back so I convinced him to download breadwallet and I paid him his fare in bitcoin. First time I have ever used bitcoin in such a circumstance, but really shows the potential. The driver had heard about Bitcoin before so wasn't completely new to it and he also transfers a lot of money because of family from Africa. Hopefully one more believer.

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Brave Details Payment Process for Supporting Websites; Users Get Paid Too

Brave, a web browser that blocks third-party trackers and unwanted ads from websites and allows users to reward preferred web content, has detailed how it accomplishes these things in a blog by Brendan Eich, founder, president and CEO. Brave recently introduced a beta version of its bitcoin-based payment system that automatically pays the websites that […]

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Getting paid by BitCoin on my website using Credit Card

Somehow, I think it’s a trivial question yet I couldn’t find an answer for it.

I have a website that gives online services. Like Image hosting etc’.

I want to receive money in BTC, but most people yet does not have BTC. So I thought, maybe they could pay using CreditCard, it will be converted to BTC and I will get it in BTC.

Is there a service that can do that for me ? Like a pay-pal on my website that people put in their CC details and I will be paid in BTC. I am aware that there will be a fee for that.


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