unconfirmed transaction even after fees paid

https://blockchain.info/address/1GAsVyX1fX4unnJjcQQEvKjDHuwG4AzGWg this transaction unconfirmed for long hours. A nominal fees was paid, ,and it was defaulted chose by bitcoin core client(didn’t realize it took so small 4 cents). Now that transaction no more I see in my transaction list.

Then I made another transaction hoping all is good, https://blockchain.info/address/1MDtzPphS8nFaZU2xqhcm3icd2yj7dFgs5 and it seems the transaction not even got listed for that receiving address and in my qt core it shows 0/unconfirmed for now more than many hours. I have 8 active connection in my bitcoin client.

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Unconfirmed transaction, fees paid, seem to be two payments

Transaction id: 601536cadb0055cee97b4ff7969c707bea18745168fe6fedae95f854b2168b11

I made this transaction several hours ago. It seems like it is stuck at being unconfirmed even though I paid a transaction fee of 0.000129 BTC.

I can see the transaction details at: https://blockchain.info/tx/601536cadb0055cee97b4ff7969c707bea18745168fe6fedae95f854b2168b11

I don’t understand why there are two payments. Really confused as to what is going on and what the outcome will be. Will this transaction ever get confirmed? Will it eventually time out if it doesn’t enter the blockchain and the BTC transfer back to the originating wallet?

Really appreciate any help here. Thank you.

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I just paid a taxi driver in Manchester my fair in bitcoin.

He did not take credit card. He drove me to an ATM at gas station, but it was out of order. The gas station and not hotel I was staying at did any have provide cash back so I convinced him to download breadwallet and I paid him his fare in bitcoin. First time I have ever used bitcoin in such a circumstance, but really shows the potential. The driver had heard about Bitcoin before so wasn't completely new to it and he also transfers a lot of money because of family from Africa. Hopefully one more believer.

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