Why are people panic selling over JP Morgan comments? THIS CURRENCY UNDERMINES EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR, IT’S BIASED.

I hate to be angry at (some of) the bitcoin community but right now I cannot avoid but being so. JP Morgan is a multinational bank that invests OUR money and then makes profits off it by investing and then gives us 1% return on its investments, and artificially boosting investments if they don't go their way. By panic selling, you are giving them the power to manipulate our currency against theirs. This guy has a vested interest to maintain power to the banks (the elite few) who control the vast majority of our money. Bitcoin goes against that in every way, removing the middleman for transactions (i.e. him). I cannot fathom how this is causing a panic sell, it's a banker… (switch the b to a w to know how I feel about that).

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PSA: Please, for the love of science, when you get tempted to sell – just ZOOM OUT on the price chart! [OFFICIAL PANIC HODL CHECKLIST]


[Break glass and use in case of panic, weak nerves, jitters, shaking legs, high heartbeat, sweaty palms]

  • Did you invest more than you can afford to lose?
  • Has the price dipped below where it was 7 days ago?
  • Has the price dipped below where it was 30 days ago?
  • Has the price dipped below where it was 60 days ago?
  • Has the price dipped below where it was 1 year ago?
  • Has the price dipped below where it was 2 years ago?
  • Have the fundamental geopolitical, financial, and other major implications and potential of Bitcoin and Blockchain tech changed?
  • Is a giant meteorite heading to Earth?

If your answer to ALL of these is NO – Say NO to selling. Stay smart. Hold. Or buy and hold more.

Disclaimer: This is a crazy, early-adopter market and not for the faint-hearted. This is not investment advice and should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any investment. Do your own due diligence. Stay sharp, stay smart. Be in it to win it.

Have a nice weekend, people of Earth.

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panic: just got 13 BTC scammed but transaction still unconfirmed need to confirm my transaction with same inputs (reddit.com)

… it replaced the bitcoin address when i copy pasted. i do not how this happened. this transaction should not go through: https://blockchain.info/tx/2c085335142cd70111bde1c8ab00ffae78dd726cebb3c09858ebf24945530f96 i made a new transaction with the same inputs, can any miner mine this?…