The Bitcoin Game #48: Digging Deeper (Part One) – Ryan X. Charles (letstalk)

Hello, welcome to episode 48 of The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell.In episode 47 you heard the Bitcoin Scaling panel I moderated at the State Of Digital Money in Los Angeles. While I loved being part of that panel, I really didn?’?t get to ask many questions. The time allotted to that panel went by so quickly that I really wanted more! So, I was able to arrange interviews with Ryan X. Charles and Eric Lombrozo to dig a bit deeper into some issues around scaling and Bitcoin forks. In…


Bitcoin Core: ‘Bitcoin Core 0.14.1 Released’ [“We are pleased to announce the general availability of Bitcoin Core 0.14.1. This release forms part of the regular maintenance cycle of Bitcoin Core and brings bug fixes, optimisations and improvements to the 0.14.x series.’]

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