Bitcoin mining on Windows without 3rd party, possible?

My PC has to stay powered on for many hours a day and I’d like to use the unused times for bitcoin mining (I’m aware there won’t be much output with current difficulties, but anyway)

From the old days, I remember having used some commandline program for it that allowed creating a local wallet and credited towards this wallet (not requiring 3rd party services, transaction fees etc.). However, is that even possible today, as I think bitcoins are just ‘credited’ if whole blocks are solved? That would be impossible from a PC as a single user, I’d need to join a pool, requiring a 3rd party charging fees. Ideally, there would be something that allowed constant calcluations in the background, crediting even very small units to a local wallet. Any recommendations?

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Are there uses for permissioned blockchains when there is only one party?

According to this answer on my last question, permissioned blockchains are useful when you know the identity of parties but not necessarily trust them to operate as specified. My question here is: is there an use for permissioned blockchains, when only one party – for example, your own company – will have whitelisted nodes? In other words, is there any added for having a distributed application (on your own computers) to use permissioned blockchains rather than just a distributed system running some standard consensus algorithm such as Raft?

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