We’re about to completely deregulate Bitcoin in NH!! Just passed the house!

Just minutes ago, house bill 436 passed the NH state house. It completely exempts virtual currencies from money transmitter regulations and leaves choices entirely in the hands of consumers rather than bureaucrats. This reverses the regulation that temporarily caused Poloneix and other exchanges to cease NH operations.

While states like Hawaii are pulling bullshit that might as well make Bitcoin illegal, we're working on doing the opposite here in NH.

If you support this effort, these people did the most work. I'm sure they'd love a thank you or a donation:

  • Keith Ammon (bill sponsor and actually trades crypto! defended bill on the floor)
  • Barbara Biggie (bill sponsor)
  • John Hunt (got the bill out of committee, defended it on floor, makes amazing arguments about how the state should regulate beanie babies if it's going to regulate crypto trading 🙂 )
  • Chamber of Digital Commerce – Helped me learn how to testify to politicians and sent in some big guns in support

You can also let Governor Sununu know he should sign it.

I also got to participate in this process as the governor-appointed expert on cryptocurrencies. It was really great to get to give back and help fight some of the misconceptions out there. More on the LBRY blog.

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My brother passed away and his roommate stole his bitcoin stash afterwards. I posted in /r/relationships and it was suggested I post here for help with finding evidence. I am picking up the computer this weekend, what should I look for on it?

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Brother passed away in 2013 and I think that his bitcoin wallet is stored on the laptop hard drive that I inherited. (reddit.com)

I inherited my brother’s apple laptop after he passed in 2013. I removed his password protected hard drive and replaced it with a new one and installed the operating system. I still have the old hard drive. I believe that when it boots up he had it set up so that he could choose OSX or Linux. My question is whether not it would be possible to find out if the bitcoin wallet is on the hard drive or not. I know that he bought a bunch really early on in 2012 and highly doubt that he would have…