i lost my password and 12 word can i recover my password?

I am new user i crate my bitcoin wallet on zebpay then my friend tell me to creat bitcoin wallet on blockchain.info as he suggest me i creat new bitcoine wallet and send 40000 INR in new wallet after a week i try to open my wallet but i forgot my password when i try to recover it system says to 12 word but i have no knowledge about 12 word now how i recover my money please anybody help me

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Error decrypting wallet, please check that your password is correct

Here is all my current versions are :

node v6.9.4

npm v3.10.10

blockchain-wallet-service v0.23.3

If I am trying to send bitcoin from my account at that time it’ll send error like

Error :

error: Error decrypting wallet, please check that your password is correct 

Code :

        ini_set('max_execution_time', 0);          require_once(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__DIR__)))) . '/vendor/apiv1/vendor/autoload.php');         $  Blockchain = new \Blockchain\Blockchain('XXXXXX-XXXx-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXX');         $  Blockchain->setServiceUrl('');           $  wallet_id = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX';         $  wallert_password = 'XXXXXXX';          $  Blockchain->Wallet->credentials($  wallet_id, $  wallert_password);          $  send_request = $  Blockchain->Wallet->send('1XXXXCccccddXdssn7RS73g2qsnkZ9',"0.0001","1"); 

please help on same ASAP

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Using Bitcoin Core Wallet, encrypted it, now it won’t recognize password

I typed in the password very carefully, the same 5 digit password I use on another program. I know and remember exactly what I typed, I didn’t type anything incorrectly. I got an error message saying the password was too short. Then the program crashed. When I relaunched it, the wallet is encrypted but it won’t accept the password that I put in. How can I get my bitcoins back and/or unencrypt the wallet?

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How can an encrypted wallet spend coins without asking for decryption password?

It is possible for some encrypted wallet to spend coins (e.g. this one) without requesting a decryption password or any other form a authentication. Of course, a password is requested when first importing the wallet file, but nothing after that. This seemingly means that a simple user process has access to my private keys. What prevents another process from replicating the same code and reading the same files so as to spend my coins? There appears to be a major vulnerability, which I am guessing is not real. What cryptographic trick is in play here, to allow such wallet behavior without exposing the user’s private keys?

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