It's gonna take patience fellas. We must understand that. (

The past 4-6 months were so ridiculous insane for Bitcoin. Some people jumped in thinking this market behavior was the norm, 3-5x… returns all day right? Lets not forget that the vets and lambo pimps everyone is envious off hedl and increased positions though a drop from >1000 to like 4 or some super crazy shit like that (not gonna look up the actual numbers). To make the matters even worse, bitcoin froze around those lows for years! Fucking years dude! Years of “oh shit, wtf just…


Okay folks, I’m so happy to tell you that my wallet problem has been resolved. I owe an awful lot of gratitude to grnqrtr for his endless patience. He walked me through some real technical process and recovered my wallet. Only one wrong word and 3 months of anxiety!! He is a great guy.

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Bitcoin Price Testing Traders’ Patience

Bitcoin price keeps simmering below $ 600. Perhaps ominously so. Direction is uncertain and the advice to traders remains the same: rather than anticipate the move, let the market show the way. This analysis is provided by with a 3-hour delay. Read the full analysis here. Not a member? Join now and receive a $ 29 […]

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