Let's Talk Bitcoin! #335 – Was That Worth Paying For? (letstalk)

On Today’s Show…Ryan X. Charles, one of the founders of Yours.org, sits down with Adam B. Levine at the LTB Homestead to discuss micropayments, paywalls, lightning networks, payment channels, bitcoin, litecoin, the no-ICO approach and more.Want to hear Ryan’s Post-Mortem of the reddit cryptocurrency experiment? Listen to episode 189: The Story of Reddit NotesThis episode featured content from Ryan X. Charles and Adam B….


Stop paying exorbitant fees! My $0.26 fee transaction went through within 30 minutes.

I just want to remind new Bitcoiners to check mempool size before making any transaction.

Basically, anything below 30k-40k unconfirmed transactions means you don't have to pay high fees (let's say more than 100 satoshi per byte).

Today I paid ~30sat/byte and the transaction went through in 30 minutes.

Save yourself some coffee money and don't pay miners more than is necessary!

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STOP paying so high fees? Check the Mempool first!

At the moment the Mempool is about 10MB and people are still paying super high fees like 480sat/byte.

Every wallet, also mycelium which is very popular have to add a custom fee/size regulator, so that users can exaclty choose how much sat/byte he wants to pay.

It's very important for bitcoin users these days.

If you look at mycelium app, the cheapes fee (Low-prio) is 255sat/byte which is also very high. It whould be very helpfull if users could choose to pay 120sat/byte or even smaller.

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