We’re Feedbands.com and we just launched the first music steaming platform that pays artists and listeners per stream in Bitcoin. There aren’t a whole lot of ways to earn Bitcoin without buying it, and we hope this helps expand the ecosystem.

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Square earnings: Bitcoin may generate buzz, but it's not what pays the bills

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of questions about Square's bitcoin efforts, and analysts will likely use Square's conference call to seek clarity on the matter. Tuesday's earnings report marks the first since Square announced bitcoin capabilities on the platform, and questions could include on whether …
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Damning evidence on how Bitcoin Unlimited pays shills.

In case you were wondering whether Bitcoin Unlimited proponents were paid by Roger Ver to support his opinion, here is some primary source evidence. Note that a BUIP (Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposal), unlike a BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal), has in many instances become a request for funding from Roger Ver for all matter of things that are not protocol related. Here are some concrete examples:

BUIP-025 – Roger funded $ 1,000 (less balance of donations, amount undisclosed), to represent BU interests in Milan, Italy conference:


BUIP-027 – Roger funded at least $ 20,000 to advance his agenda in response to this proposal:


BUIP-035 – A request for $ 35,000 to revamp the bitcoin.com website. (status = "??")


BUIP-47 – A request for $ 40,000 to host a new conference and advance BU agendas. (status = "??")


Perhaps this pollution of BUIP is why the only one listed on their website is BUIP-001: https://www.bitcoinunlimited.info/buip

Please ask yourself: why would they hide the other BUIPs deep within their git repository instead of advertising them on their website (hint: many of them have nothing to do with improving the protocol or implementation.)

Richard Feynman warned against any organization that served primarily to bestow the honor of membership upon others. [https://youtu.be/Dkv0KCR3Yiw?t=149] The following BUIP's do nothing but elect those honors: BUIP-3, BUIP-7, BUIP-8, BUIP-11, BUIP-12, BUIP-19, BUIP-28, BUIP-29, BUIP-31, BUIP-32, BUIP-36, BUIP-42, BUIP-58.

Please, by all means, peruse the Bitcoin Unlimited "Improvement" Proposals here: https://github.com/BitcoinUnlimited/BUIP/ , and review them in character and substance to the BIP's here: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/README.mediawiki

It's unfair to judge an opinion by the shills that support it, but it is absolutely fair to judge an organization by it's willingness to fund shills.

PS – This is NOT a throwaway account. This account spans most of Bitcoin's existence.

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