My transaction in Multibit HD has seen by 124 peers but yet after 11 hours, not confirmed?

my transaction size is 1850 (bytes) with fee of 0.00051 BTC and it is seen by 124 peers in multibit HD . but now after 11 hours, it is not confirmed! in it said “Estimated Confirmation Time: Very Soon (High Priority)” why it is not confirmed? here’s the hash: 4fba9205ed407f941a35ebb4f8e56ee565625d3a55da903bfae4c95dbe1548b1 thanks

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How to let a peer connect to a peer’s peer?

I’m testing a new altcoin that I’ve created between several computers in LAN but encounter a situation as follow:

Computer A’s client connects to computer B’s client through the B’s IP in the addnode field in the config file and only B’s IP is specified in it. The same thing happens between B and C as C only knows B through the config file. It seems that there is no connection between A and C since the the command getpeerinfo in both A and C doesn’t show the other’s IP. Indeed, when I shut down the client on computer B, the two clients on A and C become disconnected to the network.

So my question is: what should I do to make A and C connected since they share a common peer’s connection? (assuming that the new common connections are random, not known in advance to be included in the config file)

I’ve read somewhere that there are seed nodes which stores IPs of clients which have connected to them and that they usually don’t need to keep connecting to those new nodes, just save the addresses in the database and disconnect. In case of new peer connects to the network, those seed nodes will help to provide list of peers’ IPs. So how can I configure a node to be a seed node? Is it in this case the DNS seed? (I guess it’s not)

Thank you in advance and all kinds of help will be highly appreciated.

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