Over 16000 Indians Sign Petition Against “Irrational” RBI Crackdown

The Indian cryptocurrency community has reacted swiftly to the recent Reserve Bank of India (RBI) action against it, which directed all regulated entities including banks not to provide services to businesses dealing in instruments such as bitcoin. Both entrepreneurs and everyday users came out on …
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Over 16,000 Indians Sign Petition Against “Irrational” RBI Crackdown (news.bitcoin.com)

Cryptocurrency users in India are using the internet to voice their protest over a recent crackdown by the country’s central bank. Instead of allowing it to be stifled, petitioners call on the government to help cultivate the new ecosystem which can benefit India in various ways.   
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215,000+ Sign Petition Against South Korean Crypto Regulation – Government to Respond (news.bitcoin.com)

A national petition against extreme cryptocurrency regulations in South Korea has exceeded 200,000 signatures, the requirement for the government to respond. The petition entitled “Has the government ever dreamed a happy dream for the people?” was filed on December 28. Meanwhile, another related petition calls for the removal of the governor of the country’s Financial Supervisory Service.
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