‘Final Testing’ Phase: Fidelity Nears Launch of Cryptocurrency Trading & Custody Platform

Much excitement has been building since the large American financial services firm Fidelity Investments first announced back in October that they were building a cryptocurrency trading and custody platform. They are now almost ready to launch their Fidelity Digital Assets Exchange. Fidelity Investments is an investment management company that was established back in 1945 as a mutual fund company. Over the years, they have become synonymous with providing a vast plethora of financial services in regards to wealth management and fund distribution, alongside offering solid investment advice. They are now getting closer to diversifying into the digital assets industry. Fidelity Digital

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We are in the cleansing phase of crypto – where the alts that should never have had high value are steadily bleeding out. This cleansing is a necessary step to enable the next step up for Bitcoin.

In the past 30 days, Bitcoin is up 7.2% and only 5 coins have performed better than Bitcoin in fiat value change. And of those, only Litecoin has a market cap that puts in among the major coins. All other coins have lost value compared to Bitcoin. During this same time that Bitcoin is +7%, Bcash is -20%, for example.


This phase is a healthy and necessary and welcome cleansing of the market. When it completes, Bitcoin will take its next leg up in value to new ATH.

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After bouncing back and forth from $ 5100 to $ 6100, BTC-USD managed to squeeze out one more (albeit short-lived) all-time high. This article is going to present an update to the last discussion regarding the potential Wyckoff Distribution and provide a more contextualized, macro-view of the current bitcoin market. Before reading any further, I would like to emphasize the word “potential” within the context of this discussion because until the market actually reverses, this is nothing more…